Now Wichita Falls residents can join the dog in drinking out the toilet -- sort of. The North Texas city is so dry it's testing the conversion of sewage water into drinking water.

Duke engineering Professor Marc Deshusses says it's not that hard to do and he's sampled the purified water in Singapore.

"Even though I'm a scientist; an engineer you know, the first sip you take you're like 'oh, interesting.' I mean, it tastes just like water."

Wichita Falls city manager Darron Leiker says some are hesitant, but most realize it's needed.

"You know, we are in such a situation now with the drought that I think the public; they're pretty accepting of it."

Leiker says it'll cost about $13-million to add five million gallons of drinking water to the system each day.

"They make a comment here and there saying 'I'm not gonna drink it; I'll drink bottled water.' But by and large we've had pretty good public acceptance of it."