CNN Money ranks Houston as the fifth most stressful city in America.  New York was number one.  Detroit was number two (That makes sense). LA was three. Riverside, CA just to the east of L.A. came in 4th.  Houston fifth?  Does that sound right to you?

The downsides cited by CNN were the longest work-week in the country (our stats are thrown off by oil-rig workers who put in 80 or more hours a week – but have you seen many oil rig workers busy at their job while you drive on the SW Freeway?) and traffic.

CNN cites the “zen” qualities of Houston plenty of jobs and a low cost of living.  “Low” is subjective.  We’d probably say “moderate.”

KTRH News went out on the streets of the Bayou City and asked, “What is the most stressful thing about living in Houston?” and “What is the best thing about living in Houston?”

You can probably figure out the stressful part.

“I would say traffic, after 5pm.”


“Traffic. The Houston traffic is what stresses me out.”

“The worst thing about Houston is the traffic, it’s very annoying.”

“I guess traffic, maybe?”

“Most stressful would be keeping my hair straight in this humidity.”

“Traffic, hands down.”

The reality is in a ranking of the worst traffic in America, Houston doesn’t make the top 10.  But there was plenty of diversity when those same people were asked to chose their favorite thing in Houston.

"The best part is the restaurants.”

“I really can’t complain about anything.  I have a great job, great home, and great neighbors.”


“There are different cultures in Houston.  Like I go to Chinatown…it’s like a melting pot in Houston.”

“It’s always sunny.”

“The best thing about living in Houston is the quality of life.”