Strippers at a San Antonio club say they're getting stiffed -- and not in a good way. But does their case have a table leg to stand on?

KTRH legal analyst Chris Tritico says federal law requires workers to receive a minimum wage -- even if most of it's in the form of tips.

"In a tipping industry you're allowed to pay less than minimum wage because the tips generally make up the difference so that you get at least minimum wage. If the bar ownership is not allowing that then they may have a case."

But Tritico says the strippers will likely have trouble documenting how much money they make from tips and how much of that money they're forced to share with the club.

"The problem with this case is their ability to prove the damages. In a cash industry -- and in an industry like this -- I doubt very seriously that these dancers are reporting 100% of their income."

The strippers say they're only getting $5 or $10 per table dance after the club takes its cut. Reportedly, 15 current or former dancers at Tiffany's Cabaret have filed suit.