The FBI joins local, state and national officials in starting a new campaign to catch people who aim a laser pointer at an aircraft.

They say it's simple -- if you see somebody doing this, tell somebody.  Those lasers can blind a pilot and could cause a major tragedy.  Stephen L. Morris is Special Agent in Charge of the Houston FBI office.

“We all have a vested interest in addressing this, as a community, as a nation,” Morris says.  “Our whole airport transportation system is vulnerable to this.”

It's hard to track these guys down.  There were 126 reports of a laser hitting the pilot of a commercial airliner, or even a medical helicopter last year.  just two arrests were made.  It could be especially dangerous for the helicopters, which flying at a lower altitude and don’t have two pilots on board.

“Helicopters fly at low altitude and the laser,” says Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland, “when illuminated by those devices, is much more intense.”

And, finally - mom and dad, if junior does this, you could pay a fine of 11 thousand dollars.