Who knew that flings in the office were so common?  Or did you?!

There is a new survey out by SeekingArrangement.com that queried 44,000 men.  28% said they had slept with an administrative assistant.  25% said they would if they had the chance. That’s bad.  56% of business professionals, of both genders, admit to having had an office romance.

Melanie Mills is a relationship specialist and has compiled a list of tips for why those who feel compelled to follow their baser instincts with a co-worker should not take it a step further.

1)     Am I setting myself up for long-term success?  Do I care more about my career or the relationship?

2)     Are people pursuing you because they truly care about you or are they looking for advancement in the workplace?

3)     Corporate gossip can be savage.

4)     Your reputation is at stake.  It is so hard to regain a good reputation once it is lost.

5)     It can be distracting, and could take your focus off what you are being paid to do.

6)     It complicates things and changes the dynamics in the office, sometimes breeding jealousy among associates.

7)     Breaking up is hard to do.  Working together every day could keep you in a toxic relationship.  Or breaking it off could end your employment status.

But Melanie also has advice for those lucky enough to have the heavens open and the choirs sing and true love to blossom.

1)     Don’t put your relationship on display

2)     Set boundaries for yourselves.

3)     Be aware for your company policy.

4)     Ask yourselves if you are both mature enough to handle everything that goes along with an office romance.

CareerBuilder.com found that almost two in five American workers have dated somebody they have worked with.  Almost one-third of those got married.

Twenty-percent of office relationships involve at least one married partner. 

Of the 25% of people who admitted to a little hanky panky with the boss, only 3% said it helped their career.

Forbes Magazine offers the 2014 State of the Office Romance:

In what professions are you most likely to find office romances? 

1)     Hospitality

2)     Utility workers

3)     IT

4)     Transportation

5)     Financial services

6)     Retail

7)     Manufacturing

8)     Health care

9)     Business services