Thousands from the world of the tattoo counter-culture will be in Houston this weekend to celebrate all things tattoo. 

The downtown Hyatt Regency on Louisiana is ground zero from noon to 9 Friday, noon to 10 Saturday and noon to 8 Sunday.

One of the organizers is Anthony Montemayor from San Antonio, who says the event includes over 200 renowned tattoo artists from all over the country.  There will be celebrity artists, including Montemayor, Oliver Beck from Ink Masters, and Brittany Elliott from Best Ink.

“Anybody with an interest or idea of possibly getting a tattoo, or that’s already tattooed.  If they have a bad tattoo, these people here are there to fix bad tattoos and help them look beautiful without their clothes on,” says Montemayor.

Montemayor says people will find beautiful tattoos, clothes, and everything else that has to do with the tattoo counter-culture.  “An event to fit the lifestyle of the tattoo artists,” Montemayor says.

There will be a roast on Friday to help a legendary Houston tattoo artist pay some medical bills.