The feds are worried about you looking at your smart phone -- rather than the road. Distracted driving activists have long warned about the danger of talking while driving and now they've got their sights set on banning the use of map apps while driving.

For John Ulczycki with the National Safety Council it's pretty simple.

"Doesn't matter whether looking at a map in their lap or in their hand or a text message; they're still taking their eyes off the road.

But Gloria Bergquist with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers says a ban would go too far.

"We don't want to limit technology in automobiles we just need to find some way to minimize the risk for those technologies."

Supporters of map apps say they're not as distracting as talking or texting and shouldn't be regulated the same way.

"It's better to be using a device that can talk to you and tell you when to make a turn than to be trying to use a big map."