Houston without the Astrodome?  Would Paris tire of Eiffel Tower?  Would San Francisco abandon the Golden Gate Bridge? 

The voters of Harris County have spoken, and rather than incur even higher property taxes they are willing to let a building that has out-lived its usefulness follow the tradition of Houston and go away.

For people like Edgar Colon, Chairman of the Sports and Convention Corp., there’s still an argument to be made.  “I think we need to go back and regroup,” Colon tells KTRH News.  “Go back to the drawing board.  Basically all the options are back on the table.”

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett has said that the final decision on the fate of the Astrodome will be made by the Commissioners Court. 

The cost of bringing down the piece of history is somewhere in the ballpark, pun intended, of $29 to $78 million, an opening Earl Campbell could’ve run through blind-folded.