A British study looked at the cleanliness of high-powered jet dryers and warm hand dryers in public restrooms.  The results will send you running in search of paper towels.

“They are absolutely a breeding ground for germs and bacteria,” says Alex Arriaga, an Operating Partner of Enviro-Master of Houston.  The company provides commercial restroom hygiene services to maintain clean, sanitary, odor-free restrooms for restaurants and other businesses.  He says blow dryers are germ factories. “They have the two of the key elements that are needed for the bacteria to just explode.”

Heat and moisture are the ingredients to which he refers, and when you think about it, that’s exactly what hand blow-dryers are all about.

Scientists found that germ counts in the area around blow-dryers were 27 times higher than in an area where paper towel dispensers were used.  The area around jet-air dryers was 4.5 times higher than warm hand dryers.

“Restrooms are nasty places.  That’s where we deposit waste.  It is what it is and you have to deal with it.  As far as germs and bacteria go, they are absolutely there and they can certainly get you sick,” Arriaga tells KTRH News.

The study fund bacteria lingers in the air around hand blow dryers for up to 15 minutes.