Though the economy continues to sputter its way out of recession in some regions of the country, there are some areas that are not only keeping their head above water, they’re growing.  A website called PayScale, which keeps track of salaries across the nation, has compiled a list of the Top 10 cities that have seen the biggest pay increases from September 30, 2012-September 30, 2013.

“All of the cities on the list have a strong technology base of some sort,” says Texas economist Ray Perryman.  “Or a Health Care related basis.  And those are fields where you’ve had a lot of growth and you’ve had a lot of high demand in recent years and some labor shortages.”

The report’s authors highlight Dallas’ strategic location sitting between the Permian Basin, the Gulf of Mexico and the oil and natural gas fields in Olahoma as being a factor in its number 5 ranking.

  1. San Francisco 3.7%
  2. Baltimore 3%
  3. Seattle 2.7%
  4. Atlanta 2.5%
  5. Dallas 2.5%
  6. Washington DC 2.4%
  7. St. Louis 2.3%
  8. Houston 2.1%
  9. Detroit 2%
  10. Minneapolis

“The Dallas area has a very substantial Health Care sector, technology center, and is sort of the central locus for the marketing and commerce in the sun-belt,” Perryman added.

Houston’s 8th position owes something to the salary increases coming from the energy sector, as well as Health Care.  Salaries have increase 2.1% in the Bayou City in the past year.