“The American dream is dead,” says one Houstonian.

It could be a thing of the past.  A new survey finds more Americans are pessimistic about the future of the country.  Seventy-eight percent of the people responding to a survey say life is going to be tougher on the next generation.

Not everybody is so negative.

“I don't think the American dream is dead,” one of the people we talked to responds.  “It's still out there, if you're willing to work hard.”

Without the dream and hopes for the future, why get out of bed in the morning? 

One person tells us, “I think we are fighting to keep the American dream.”

That was the general tone of our responses – cautious optimism.

“It's going to be challenging.  I think I will have to do more and get less.”

And, then, there is total optimism from this woman, who said with a smile:

“After I win the Lotto, life will be much better then.”