We're number one! We're number one -- in gambling losses. Somehow Americans managed to redistribute their wealth to the gaming industry to the tune of $119-billion last year. But not much of that was in Texas, which still prohibits casinos and slot machines.

Andrea Young is president of Houston's Sam Houston Race Park. She says when the governor proclaims Texas is 'open for business' it doesn't apply to all business.


"We're a highly regulated industry; our hands are tied. It seems to be a nice motto when it's convenient."

But Young is optimistic about the future.

"Things will change; I think in Texas it's a matter of when not if."

Sam Houston Race Park would like to install slot machines.

"We're gonna keep talking about how much money is leaving the state; how much Texans are spending across our state lines and how we think Texans should have the right to decide this issue. They're smart enough to figure it out."