A proposal making its way through the Texas Senate would cut in half the number of classroom hours needed to obtain a state handgun license. 

State Senator John Whitmire, who chairs the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, says the current 10-hour requirement is simply too long.

"I took it a couple years ago and found the second half particularly boring," the Houston Democrat tells KTRH News.  "I would not even think about shortening the class if it was meaningful and had substance to it, but I promise having been there, about half the day is constructive, the other half is just filler."

Not only do many of the courses involve movies and lectures, Alice Tripp at the Texas State Rifle Association calls it a hardship.

"One of the complaints from Texans is that they have to take a day of vacation or pay for a whole day of child care," says Tripp.

"After 17 years of experience with licensees and over 3,000 active instructors, we believe this will serve the public, not harm the public," she says.

Both believe reducing the classroom time needed to obtain a handgun license would encourage more Texans to go through the training instead of obtaining a gun license online or out of state.