Texas is among eight states receiving high marks for their spending transparency.

The Lone Star State received an "A-" on the lastest report from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund which credits our state comptroller for the good grade.

“Susan Combs has done a great job of centralizing a lot of that information, and that's really what we're looking for,” says Sara Smith at TexPIRG.  “We don't want folks to have to go to a million different websites and a million different offices to get the information they need.”

“Texas has done a great job with the website www.texastransparency.org and that's really what we're looking for states to do,” Smith tells KTRH News.  “An average citizen can log onto this website and find all the information they need.”

Texas ranked among the top five along with Indiana, Florida, Oregon and Massachusetts.

“When we have to make tough budget decisions, elected officials are going to be forced to provide voters an idea of who's being most efficient,” says Smith.  “And I think that we'll continue to see states, whether they want to or not, providing additional information.”

States receiving an "F" for transparency were Idaho, Alaska and California.