Your kids are headed back to school today, and earlier this month we told you that Texas school officials had not been told how many illegal immigrant children to expect at their schools. It’s been nearly three weeks, and officials still don’t have any numbers, but Debbie Ratcliffe of the Texas Education Agency told KTRH they are ready to deal with them.

“Our schools aren’t calling us asking what to do. We think that’s a good sign that they know how to handle the situation,” Ratcliffe said.

And Ratcliffe also says the number of new students really shouldn’t matter because Texas has experience in dealing with these kids.

“They’ve got processes in place to follow. We think the schools that will be affected are just proceeding as usual,” Ratcliffe explained.

At Klein ISD, Judy Rimato says new students are something they've been planning for.

“We’re a high growth district. We are always planning for new students to come our way. We are expecting a number of new students,” Rimato said.

But in terms of how many new kids will be enrolling, Rimato says she simply doesn’t know.

“We have no way of knowing that at this point,” Rimato stated.

And elsewhere, the American Academy of Pediatrics says your child's school day should start no earlier than 8:30 in the morning to help with the lack of sleep some kids get during the school year.