A high school graduation is supposed to be a celebration of achievement. But one high school in Texas has turned it into something much different. They’ve turned it into a controversy that has gone viral.

Remington Reimer was giving his valedictorian speech last week at the Joshua High School graduation when all of a sudden, no one could hear him.

“I worked hard to earn the right address you all tonight as valedictorian and have the Constitutional right, like any of you, to freely speak,” Reimer said right before his microphone was cut.

And it wasn’t the only time it was shut. There was at least one other time, right after Reimer told his class he was warned he would be silenced.

The school says it cut off his microphone because what he was saying was not the speech that was pre-approved. Joshua Superintendent Fran Marek said Reimer knew what would happen.

“At the time the speech deviated, the microphone was turned off,” Marek said. “They were told that prior to the ceremony it would happen, regardless of content.”

And the content is what is at issue. Reimer was going to talk about free speech when his microphone was shut off, though the school maintains religion was not the issue.