A Texas restaurant that found itself in some hot water for how an employee treated a gay couple is being targeted for retaliation by those against discrimination. And it’s their actions that now have people talking.

Big Earl's Bait House and Gulley Cafe is now being advertised as a gay bar on sites like Yelp after a gay couple went public, saying owner Earl Cheney asked them to leave because they were being too affectionate with each other. Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values says that's bullying.

"The homosexual community wants to be hostile towards the business and really incite a dangerous environment,” Saenz told KTRH News.

Saenz says this is happening more and more.


"This is the type of inappropriate activity we are seeing quite often from homosexual advocates,” Saenz stated.

Maverick Welsh of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus told KTRH there are better ways to get their point across.

“People are angry and justifiably so. I would strongly advocate tools such as boycott to be used. They are more effective. They keep the moral high ground,” Welsh explained.

As for Cheney, he told a Bryan TV station he stands by what he did.

"It’s just not appropriate for a family restaurant. We just don’t do that here,” Cheney said.

His sign reads, 'Men act like Men. Women act like ladies. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.'

Cheney said, “You’re welcome to come and eat. But a man should act like a man. A woman should act like a woman. Dress appropriately and act appropriately.”