Texas has had more than its share of issues with Washington, DC. The Texas GOP platform is now targeting Washington directly.

The platform calls for the repeal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Party Chair Steve Munisteri told KTRH it's because of all the problems they've had with Attorney General Eric Holder.

“If we change our rules we have to get pre-approval. Eric Holder continually tries to strike down what we think are very common sense Voter ID laws,”Munisteri said.

Harris County Republican Party Chair Paul Simpson told KTRH there are other reasons, too.

“It’s been used to sustain racial discrimination. As Chief Justice Roberts said, the way to end racial discrimination is to stop discriminating by race,” Simpson explained.

But Manny Garcia at the Texas Democratic Party says the GOP just can't deal with the way he says things are headed.

“Texas is changing and becoming more diverse. It seems like the Texas Republican party is having trouble dealing with that change,” Garcia told KTRH News.

The state GOP calling for the repeal of the Voting Rights Act is nothing new. It was also in the 2012 party platform