Enrollment at Texas public schools hit a new record of over five million students according to a new report. Hispanics are once again the majority in the state. Rice University's Steve Murdock says the numbers will go even higher. 

“By 2050, we will be about 15% non-Hispanic white, about 9% African American and about 64% Hispanic and 12% will be non-Hispanic Asian and other,” Murdock told KTRH. 

And the number of minority students in the school system will change it forever. 

“The reality is our system will be composed of minority population members,” Murdock stated. 

So how will this affect your child's education? Debbie Ratcliffe at the Texas Education Agency says it will affect your checkbook more than anything else. 

“Voters will see dozens of school bond elections around the state because our schools simply need more buildings,” Ratcliffe told KTRH. 

And there is one more challenge the system must address. 


“Our students speak over 120 different languages. Trying to find people that can communicate with them will be a challenge,” Ratcliffe explained.