Texans don’t always have the nicest things to say about New York City. You remember the Pace Picante ad from the 1980’s where after discovering that a competitor is made in New York, one Texans says, “Get a rope.”

Well, it appears as if TXDOT doesn’t feel the same way. They are conducting a contest with the grand prize being a trip to New York City for New Year’s Eve. Veronica Beyer of TXDOT told KTRH you shouldn’t get too worked up about this.

“This campaign is about encouraging people to plan ahead for sober rides. And we have a few prizes to entice them to do so,” Beyer said. “It’s an incentive for Texans to sign up to take a pledge for a sober ride.”

And besides, Beyer says, New York City is a destination spot in New Year’s Eve.

“It’s iconic. This is the official countdown to New Year’s Eve that’s shown across America on Television,” Beyer stated.

So the trip to New York is what they came up with. It seems strange considering what Governor Rick Perry told New York State businesses six months ago.


“Get out before you go broke. Texas is calling. Your opportunity awaits,” Perry said in the ad that run in June.

Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media says this contest doesn’t make a lot of sense.

“It’s odd. Maybe what we’re doing is we’re going to send a Texan to New York to visit the space shuttle that we should have gotten here in Houston,” Preston told KTRH.

And considering what Perry has spent a lot of time doing this year, it seems even stranger.

“He’s been the one running around and poaching jobs from other states,” Preston stated.

Perry spokesman Josh Havens told KTRH in a statement, “As we do with all agencies, we expect TXDOT to be good stewards of the funds they are appropriated, and it is our understanding that no taxpayer dollars will be used for the prizes in this campaign to promote safe conduct on our roads this holiday season.”

The official contest announcement comes today. The runner up prize is a limo to go to any Texas city and no taxpayer money is being used for the contest.