Dozens of pro-life advocates rallied outside Houston's Planned Parenthood headquarters Wednesday, urging supporters not to give up after a federal judge's ruling which struck down part of Texas' new abortion law.

State Attorney General Greg Abbott has requested an emergency stay against the ruling which said requiring abortion clinics to have admitting rights at nearby hospitals was an undue burden.

Supporters of the law say it is meant to protect the health of women and their unborn child.

Melissa Conway at Texas Right to Life says this is a time to stand strong as Abbott fights to keep the rule in place.

"Strong in voice, strong in action, strong in unity, and to stand strong for life," said Conway.

State Representative Steve Toth says supporters have drawn a line in the sand and will not relent on the issue.

"This edifice behind us is a shameful, shameful monument to what abortion is all about," said the Woodlands Republican.  "Its about the bottom line, it’s about money, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry."

Houston City Council member Helena Brown offered her support as well.

"Sixty-seven percent of post-abortive women say they felt coerced, those who confessed say that's how they felt," she said.  "This is an issue we need to stand together on."