Texas Governor Rick Perry’s political future has been the subject of a lot of speculation over the last six months. On Monday in San Antonio, the Governor made part of his future clear.

“I will not seek re-election as Governor of Texas,” Perry announced. “I will truly miss serving in this capacity because it is the greatest job in modern politics.”

Jared Woodfill of the Harris County Republican party told KTRH he sensed this decision was coming.

“A lot of people were speculating that he was moving on in order to do something else. I’m not surprised,” Woodfill said.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Will Hailer told KTRH he heard all of the speculation, but that the official word was still somewhat surprising.

“It’s a little surprising that he’s not making a run at it again. We are looking forward to a new day in Texas,” Hailer said.

So what's next for Perry? Mark Jones of Rice University told our television partner Local 2 it's another run at the Presidency, and redemption for what happened in 2012.

“He will be a long shot. I don’t think he has much of a chance in 2016. But the goal may be not to win the nomination. It’s simply to go out in the playing field and play a good game,” Jones said.

As far as the Governor’s office is concerned, Attorney General Greg Abbott, widely considered Perry’s heir apparent, says he will make his intentions known in the next few weeks. But he is expected to run.

Hailer told KTRH a rising star could be his opponent in 2014.

“I think Wendy Davis would be a fantastic candidate. She’s been a really effective State Senator,” Hailer said.