Some Texas parents are up in arms over what a fourth grade teacher did to their kids.

The El Paso parents say they were given a homework assignment that involved adult themes. To be specific, the reading assignment was about a husband cheating on his wife. Parents were unhappy to say the least

One parent told an El Paso television station, “Situations like that should be taught at home, not at school.”

Another asked, “Why would the teacher give them that kind of an assignment. Why not something about nature or other planets? Something like that is very inappropriate.”

Education activist Ginger Russell says she was stunned when she heard about this.

“I’m appalled. But it’s rampant and people aren’t aware of it,” Russell said. “They deal more with the emotional level of kids than teaching them today. It’s just appalling.”

The school district has apologized to parents, and Russell says that's about all they can do.

“It’s not illegal. The choice of a lesson was absolutely despicable. But there is no legal action you can take,” Russell stated.

And Russell says teachers today are trained to do what they’ve been doing.

“Good teacher can write a lesson plan. They went to school. They know what to do. Teachers coming into the school system now are trained to teach this way.

And teach to get kids ready for standardized tests, which 64% of Texas parents would like to see reduced.