Texas has fallen from the top spot on a national list, and it's a good thing.  The Lone Star State dropped from first to third place in the annual state rankings for most expensive home insurance rates.  The report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has Florida as this year's most expensive state for home insurance, followed by Louisiana and then Texas.  Mark Hanna with the Insurance Council of Texas says there is a reason for that pattern of states.  "(Researchers) are now using some accurate data involving windstorm coverage that they haven't in the past", he tells KTRH.  "And talking about windstorms, any state along the coast--that is going to have a huge effect."

The threat of windstorms and hurricanes explains why Florida and Louisiana are on top, but Hanna explains that Texans have even more than hurricanes to worry about.  "It's just all of the different events that we have...the ice storms, the wildfires, tornadoes...we have it all," he says.  "Meteorologists will tell you that Texas has the most violent weather of any state in the country."  For that reason, Texas will likely always be at or near the top of the list for most expensive home insurance.  Recent published reports list the average annual homeowner's insurance premium in Texas at $1,578, while the national average is $978.

Even though Texas remains well above the national average for cost of home insurance, rates here have remained stable in recent years.  "The national increase has been much higher than in our state," says Hanna.  Because of the myriad of natural threats facing Texans like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, ice storms, and wildfires, he recommends homeowners shop around and find a quality policy at a good price.  "Texas has high homeowner's insurance rates, but Texas also has about 120 companies that offer homeowner's insurance," says Hanna.  "That means there is a lot of competition."