In the annual Gallup survey of liberal and conservative states in the U.S. Texas doesn’t even make it in to the top ten of the “red” states.  In fact the Lone Star state got beaten out by states like Wyoming and Idaho with the poll showing those states have a higher conservative base. 

Ellis Brachman from Battleground Texas told KTRH that his group is not surprised by the results.  He says that the reason Texas is perceived as a conservative state is that liberals are not as active at the voting polls as conservatives are.  His group believes that is they can convince more liberal minded people to vote we could start to see the political shift here in Texas.

In an interview with KTRH Bryan Preston of PJ Media says republicans in the state have nothing to worry about.  Texas still has well over a twenty point conservative advantage.  He points to the fact that Texas has not shown up in the top ten of that poll in a few years yet the state sends more conservatives to Washington D.C. that any other state.

Although no political future is certain, it is worthy to note that Texas has pushed more conservative policies through than any other state and hasn’t sent a democrat to a state office in over twenty years.