As members of the Texas National Guard get ready to spend their first weekend on the Texas-Mexico border as part of ‘Operation Strong Safety,’ we’re finding out that troops may not be allowed to protect themselves while they are not on duty.

According Bob Price at Breitbart, the troops have been told to leave their personal, legal firearms at home.

“Even if they have a CHL they can’t take a personal firearm with them to protect themselves,” Price said.

Price says this doesn’t make a lot of sense considering the shooting death of Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega earlier this month.

“They need to be able to protect themselves from anything that might pop up in front of them,” Price stated.

The operation is going to cost about  $12M dollars a month with no end date, and Price says the Guard will only be patrolling a small part of the Texas-Mexico border. He also tells us that illegal crossings have not slowed down despite the fact the crisis isn't in the national headlines anymore.

“In the last month, according to the sign in Brooks County that shows how many people are caught daily, that number has gone up by about 270 per day,” Price said.

And Price says the ones being caught are only a fraction of the illegals actually crossing.

“They’re only catching a small portion. Every one that gets caught, according to the people I’ve talked to says their final destination is Houston,” Price explained.

We reached out to the Texas National Guard for this story, but they would not talk to us.