The Supreme Court has gutted a key part of the Voting Rights Act, and their move is going to have a direct impact on you.

What the Supreme Court did was pave the way for Texas to put its Voter ID law into effect, which had been blocked by the courts a year ago.

Alicia Pierce of the Secretary of State’s Office told KTRH that, “Texans who are voting in person will now be required to present a photo ID. If you don’t have an approved form of ID you can go to Texas DPS and get an Election Identification Certificate at no cost.”

Attorney Chad Dunn, argued the case against Attorney General Greg Abbott when the law was blocked by a Federal Court last year. He told KTRH he is upset that Abbott has announced the law will go into effect.

“Seeing the state ignore the findings as if they never occurred is a great disappointment and not at all what I think what the Supreme Court had in mind with its opinion,” Dunn told KTRH.

But State Representative Debbie Riddle says this was the right call by the Supreme Court.

“It puts things on the right track. The fact of the matter is you have to have identification today to do anything. You can’t cash a check without an ID. It is not too much to ask that when you go vote that you please show an ID,” Riddle explained.