Jory Enck of Copperas Cove was not starring in an episode of Seinfeld when he was arrested for not returning a study guide to the public library.  Enck really was arrested for keeping that study guide he checked out three years ago. KTRH legal analyst Chris Tritico says it's no laughing matter.

“It’s a Class C misdemeanor. Quite frankly, it’s not a bad law,” Tritico told KTRH.

Tritico has no problem with how this case played out.

“They loan you a book for free, and if you don’t return it the government has to spend money to replace it. This is a means to get the book returned,” Tritico explained.

Tritico does say that someone getting arrested for not bringing a book back to the library is pretty rare.

“Once you get a letter, I’d imagine most people would take the book back,” Tritico stated.

But Tritico added that it's not like there are library cops looking for you the way it was portrayed in the television show 'Seinfeld' years ago.

“They don’t go looking for you, but there is a warrant out. When you get pulled over for something else or try to renew your license that’s when you get arrested,” Tritico said.

Police were looking for Enck on a different charge when the library issue popped up. He was released on two hundred dollars bond and will have to go back to court.