The founder of Open Carry Texas says opponents are misstating what their mission is all about.  One website calls OCT a group of "white gun nuts."  C.J. Grisham says many pictures posted online are old and actually have nothing to do with the Texas-based group.

“There's a couple of photos which try to claim that they are OCT members, but those photos are from 2011,” Grisham says.  “We weren't even founded until last year.”

Grisham says an weekend event in Houston's 5th Ward will be rescheduled.  He says one woman contacted him on Facebook and said his group wouldn’t come to that neighborhood because it is predominantly black.  He disagrees.


“We're men, we're women, we're white, we're black, Hispanic,” he explains.  “We believe in gun rights for everybody.  I don't care if you're gay, straight.”