Earlier this week ‘Joe the Plumber’ made comments about gun rights that landed him in hot water with both pro-gun and anti-gun rights groups. Now another pro-gun group is doing things that have people wondering if they are harming the cause more than helping it. And this gun group is from Texas.

Members of Open Carry Texas were asked to leave a Chili's after walking in with their guns out. Callers to Matt Patrick's afternoon show on 950 KPRC understood why Chili's did what they did.

“I am not comfortable with eight guys walking into a Chili’s carrying they’re rifles. If it’s eight guys walking in carrying concealed that doesn’t bother me because I know what kind of training they’ve had,” the caller said.

Another caller wondered if this will become the new ‘in’ thing to do for pro-gun groups.

“What if this turns into a trend? I’m worried about the safety issues,” that caller explained.

Charles Cotton of the Texas Firearms Coalition says Open Carry Texas is sending the wrong message.

“I understand the goal is to educate the general public, but I don’t think that goal is being achieved in a positive way,” Cotton said.

Cotton thinks there are better ways for Open Carry Texas to make their point.

“I do distinguish between more organized demonstrations where law enforcement is notified ahead of time and these folks stay on public property. That’s a better way to do it,” Cotton explained.

But CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas says his group is misunderstood.

“For them to say we’re going about this the wrong way when all they are doing is basing it off the media is completely inaccurate. Everything we do is calculated to be as peaceful and calculated and calm as possible,” Grisham told KTRH News.

And he adds that Cotton just doesn’t get it.

“Charles Cotton has never been to one of our rallies. He’s done nothing but tell us to stop. He hasn’t tried to understand us. He hasn’t come out to see how we do things,” Grisham explained.

Grisham says his members normally call businesses firs first. But he admits these eight members “took things for granted,” and didn’t call.

However, he says the issue has been addressed by issuing new guidelines to his members.