A South Texas rancher says state and federal officials are shirking blame for allowing some illegal aliens to go free on his property over the weekend.

A farmer north of Mission, Texas claims DPS troopers detained, then released do dozens of illegal immigrants because they couldn't hold them while waiting for Border Patrol to pick them up.

“The county and state agencies saying its really not my job, but they get in there and do it anyway, and with DPS doing this hoopla, if you can't sustain it are you just trying to show there is a weakness there?” asks Susan Durham with the South Texans' Property Rights Association.

Both rancher Lee Adams and DPS declined comment, however, Border Patrol disputes the Adams' claim anyone was let go.

Durham says she wishes state and federal agencies would get their act together to prevent this type of incident from happening.

“It is very frustrating for all of us when Border Patrol can't come or is tied up elsewhere and you want some law enforcement to come,” she says.