There’s A New turn in the case of a south Texas transgender widow and her firefighter husband’s estate.  Nikki Araguz Lloyd celebrated last night after the decision by the 13th District Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi said that her marriage to firefighter Capt. Thomas Araguz, who died fighting a fire in Wharton in 2010, was valid. 

The court battle began after the firefighter died in a fire in Wharton and his mother and first wife filed a suit claiming that Thomas’s estate should go to his kids and that the marriage between him and Nikki was not legal because Nikki was born a man.  They won that case years ago but now an appeals judge said that an opposite sex transgender marriage is legal in Texas. 

Nikki Araguz Lloyd says she will be meeting with her attorneys in the next few days to determine what their next will be.  Even though she considers this a victory, she knows that there are probably more court battles ahead.  Legal experts believe this case could go all the way to the Texas Supreme Court.