San Antonio insurance company USAA is again giving employees one of the largest bonuses of any company. They're getting 18.7% of their base salary as a bonus! For example, if a USAA employee makes $50,000 that's a bonus of $9,350! Meanwhile many of us are saying 'bonus? What bonus?'

KTRH moneyman Pat Shinn says this is very unusual and one factor is USAA is a private company.

"Versus a publicly owned company which of course shareholders own and of course the board of directors is going to have a big say on compensation."

But Houston labor expert Garrison Wynn says there may be hope for the rest of us. He says car sales have been up in January.

"We do know historically when car sales are going up usually so goes the economy."

But Shinn remains pessimistic for 2014.

"I still believe we're gonna continue to see companies running a very tight ship. They're gonna continue to look at cost cutting."

Last year USAA gave employees an even bigger bonus -- by one tenth of a percent.