Texas is about to begin their border surge operation in the southern part of the state to deal with the overflow if illegal immigrants pouring into Texas. Even though you will ultimately be writing the check for it, you might not know exactly what you’re paying for,

It’ll cost you, the taxpayer, 1.3 million dollars a week. Texas DPS would not tell KTRH where the money is coming from. They would not explain how they will operate at the border. But Texas House Speaker Joe Straus told a San Antonio television station the state has spent a lot recently to fight the problem.

“Texas has increased border security spending by 300% in the last five years and 55% in this current budget,” Straus said.

Straus thinks Texas is picking up the slack for a Federal Government that should be doing more to deal with the problem.

“Texas is not an ATM machine,” Straus stated.

Jim Harrington of the Texas Civil Rights Project told KTRH the surge to protect the border is not a good use of this money.

“If we’re going to spend $1.3M a week it would make more sense to invest it in local economies and dealing with the violence the countries where these people are coming from,” Harrington explained.

Harrington doesn’t believe the surge is the most humane way to deal with these people coming into the country.

“It’s a total lack of compassion and humaneness,” Harrington stated.

Governor Rick Perry also wants President Obama to come to Texas to take a look at the crisis first hand. 

“ I write to invite you to visit Texas to see firsthand the humanitarian crisis unfolding as a result of the massive influx of unaccompanied alien children (UAC) crossing our border with Mexico. There is no doubt that I have disagreed with you and your administration on many policies over

the years. This crisis, however, transcends any political differences we may have. The safety and security of our border communities is being threatened by this flood of illegal immigration, and the crisis worsens by the day,” Perry wrote.

He's also asking Washington to deploy National Guard troops to the border. 

Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott and Senator Ted Cruz will tour detention facilities later today.