Connecticut Facebook users are in a tizzy over a photo of a six-month-old touching a rifle in a gun store. That state has some of the nation's strictest gun laws and residents are still on edge over the shooting rampage at an elementary school. But it's a much different story in Texas.

Jeremy Alcede of Tactical Firearms in Katy says photos like that are no big deal here.

"That happens all the time. They're proud of their guns and they're proud of their baby, so why not put the two together?"

Alcede says kids should learn how to handle a gun as soon as possible.

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"I think at five years of age you should teach your kids gun safety."

Alcede says that would keep guns from becoming 'forbidden fruit.'

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"And they're not gonna be looking for their parents' weapon therefore there's gonna be less accidental shootings."

Alcede says his kids know how to unload a gun and he tells them to call him if a friend talks about playing with a gun.