Texas’ tough new abortion laws have been on the books since November of last year and a new study shows that they are doing what supporters said they would do, and what opponents feared it would do.

The Texas Policy Evaluation Project at the University of Texas says the number of abortions in the state is down by 13% since the law went into effect. Emily Horne at Texas Right to Life told KTRH this is exactly what she expected.

“It’s not surprising. The clinics have decided the safety standards that were passed were too high and have chosen not to comply,” Horne said. “It proves these clinics would have to abide by higher standards or close, and that was the intent of the law in the first place.”

But Heather Busby at NARAL Pro Choice Texas says it's hard to read a lot into the numbers.

“We know women are going out of state. We know they are seeking self induction methods. And a lot of women have been left with no choice,” Busby explained. “The restrictions have limited access to the point where women are pushed too far into a pregnancy to get an abortion. The expense, the time off work and the travel is just too much for them to afford.

As for the number of unwanted births, both Horne and Busby also told KTRH that it's too soon to tell. And both are surprised that these numbers came out in the first place since the law hasn't even been on the books for a full year.