By Herring accused of performing 268 abortions without admitting privileges.

Texas’ new abortion laws have been in effect since November 1st, and one Houston doctor has found himself in hot water because of alleged violations.

Dr. Theodore Herring Jr. of A Affordable Women's Medical Center has had his medical license temporarily suspended. He is accused of not having admission privileges at a hospital within 30 miles. A pair of surprise inspections found he committed 268 abortions between November and February. Melissa Conway of Texas Right to Life told KTRH the law is working.

“It is wonderful to hear the law is in effect, and that the state is moving forward with upholding the law,” Conway stated.

Herring is the first doctor to have been found violating the new law. He supposedly had submitted a plan that would have given him admitting privileges by September. The state said that wasn't good enough. Conway says Herring simply wasn't going to follow the law.

“He’s had more than enough time to become compliant. If he had the intention to do so he would have taken the steps to garner his privileges,” Conway explained. “His actions show he has no intentions of being compliant.

And Conway says she fears Herring isn’t the only doctor out there that’s not following the letter of the law.

“Herring is just one of possibly many other doctors which are in non-compliance,” Conway said.

The clinic has had its abortion license revoked. There will be a follow up hearing on this situation later this month.