Obamacare isn’t the only issue you want to talk to your Congressman about while they are on their five-week break from Washington. Many of you are looking for answers on immigration. And some of you are going directly to your Congressmen to let them know that.

Brad Bailey of the Texas Immigration Solution went to Congressman Mike McCaul's office with one message.

“We have mounting grassroots support for Conservatives to really start providing solutions to this problem as opposed to complaining about the problem,” Bailey told KTRH.

Bailey wants Congress to take action on the Senate’s Gang of Eight immigration bill. He says doing nothing would be a huge mistake.

“Kicking the can down the road, which has been done since 1986, does nothing but make the problem worse,” Bailey stated.

Republicans in Congress say they are going to do things differently than the Senate has done. They have said they want to prioritize border security and take more time than the Senate did in approving the bill. Bailey wants action now.

“I believe it’s important for Republicans in Congress to take the lead on this, to present solutions,” Bailey explained.

Bailey says if Congress takes its time on the bill his business will be affected.

“My family owns restaurants in the Houston area. We have seen first-hand how broken our immigration system is. We have to operate in that system day in and day out,” Bailey said.

The Gang of Eight bill isn't perfect, but Bailey says at least it's a start.