The Washington Navy Yard shooter has a Texas connection.  Aaron Alexis was serving at the Ft. Worth Naval Air Station in 2011 when he received a general discharge, which is different from an honorable discharge.

Neighbors and acquaintances characterize Alexis as 'nice', buth his father told law enforcement that his son had anger management issues.  Michael Rectorvado tells our TV partner Local-2 he worked with Alexis at a Fort Worth restaurant:   

"I would never imagine him doing some atrocity like this ever; I would never imagine something like that."

Alexis' roommate Nutpisit Suthamtewakul says the gunman was a devout Buddhist...

"I mean, that one thing is something against religion. He liked to go to temple and meditation."

Alexis also had a brush with Texas law enforcement.  He was arrested by Fort Worth police for discharging a firearm in his apartment.  No one was hurt and charges were not filed.