A game that figured to be a lay-up for the Texans may be in doubt now, with quarterback Matt Schaub's struggles. Our football experts expect the Texans to beat the Rams, but it's no longer a guarantee.

Former Texan N.D. Kalu of Sportstalk 790 says fans may want to punish Schaub, but it's not that easy.

"If you sit him who becomes your starting quarterback? Do you believe T.J. Yates gives you a better option?"

Kalu's broadcast partner Greg Koch, a member of the Packers' hall of fame, worries about Schaub's attitude.

"I think one of the biggest problems going into this game is Matt Schaub coming out and saying he was never worried about being benched. I think he should have been very worried about being benched and maybe that's half the problem."

At 2-3 it's probably a must-win game for the Texans because they have the Chiefs, two games with the Colts, the Patriots and the Broncos left on the schedule.