It's the big question -- who are the Houston Texans going to take with the first pick in next week's NFL draft?  General Manager Rick Smith says he has an idea how it’s going to go.  There's also the question of keeping that pick, or trading down for multiple picks.

“If we take the first pick, we know who we want,” Smith says.  “We are obviously open to moving out of the first pick, if in fact there is an opportunity for us to do so and we think that that's in the best interest of the organization.”

Smith says he likes his team's draft board and he's not nervous about the draft.  He says there are a lot of good players, meaning picks in the latter rounds might have more value than usual.  He says he’s always looking for another cornerback and he does have a preference.

“I always liked impact players,” he says, “guys that make plays either with the football in their hands, offensively, or who make plays on the ball, defensively.”