Texans fans get ready for a treat Sunday. Early 90s two-hit wonder Vanilla Ice is the halftime entertainment for the home opener -- with the Tennessee Titans.

Why Vanilla Ice? Texans team president Jamey Rootes explains.

"We're looking forward to having him as our halftime entertainment and it'll fit in nicely with our theme of a "Liberty White Out." Vanilla Ice goes perfectly with that."                     

There are new NFL security concerns, especially for women used to bringing their purses.

"A clear plastic bag, 12-inches by 6-inches by 12-inches or a Zip Lock freezer bag." 

Rootes says women can also bring small, clutch purses.

On a serious note, first responders will be honored and the first annual Star of Courage award will be given.

"This Sunday we'll be recognizing first responders; our heroes in police and fire in Houston. We will have our first annual Star of Courage award -- which will recognize a first responder of the year. A $10,000 award in their name will go to the 100 Club."