You know how we Texans love to say everything is bigger in Texas. We all think that everything is better in Texas, too. And a new poll from the University of Texas asked you about the direction of the country as opposed to the direction of the state.

“We found that people are more pessimistic about the country than they are about the state,” Jim Henson from the University of Texas told KTRH. “We had 63% say the country is on the wrong track. We had only 35% say that Texas was on the wrong track.”


Henson wasn’t surprised by the results he and partner Daron Shaw got.


“This is a Republican state. That colors the direction of the country and the state, which is dominated by Republicans,” Henson explained. “People are making their evaluations through a political prism.”


But one thing pretty much everybody agreed on was that Congress isn’t doing its job.


Congress is unpopular with everybody. If Congress breaks double figures in approval rating they are having a good day,” Henson said, noting that 66% of Republicans disapprove of their job performance as opposed to 72% of Democrats

Another question you were asked was whether you considered yourself a Texan first or an American first.

“It averages out to 72% identifying themselves as Americans first,” Henson stated. “About 28% identified themselves as Texans first.”