The Houston Texans have fired head coach Gary Kubiak, just one day after the team’s 11thconsecutive loss of the season. The Texans also fired Special Teams Coach Joe Marciano.

Texans owner Bob McNair admitted the decision was difficult. "We've been evaluating it every game and asking the question, `What's in the best interest of the organization?' We're at the point now where we need to go ahead and make some changes because losing like this is unacceptable."

Kubiak is a former NFL quarterback who is also regarded as a top offensive mind.  The Texans job was his first head coaching position, and he led the team to two AFC South Championships and the only playoff appearances in team history.

The Texans were beset by injuries to key players, including quarterback Matt Schaub, running back Arian Foster, and linebacker Brian Cushing.  Kubiak had a health setback of his own on November 3rd, when he collapsed from a mini-stroke at halftime of the game against the Colts.  He was diagnosed with a “transient ischemic attack” (TIA), which occurs when blood flow to the brain is briefly interrupted.

Kubiak issued a statement thanking McNair, players, coaches, fans, the city of Houston, and his family for the opportunity.

The Texans also fired special teams coordinator Joe Marciano and replaced him with assistant Bob Ligashesky, who is in his 10th NFL season and first full year with Houston.

The team had high expectations heading into the 2013 season, and was widely regarded among analysts as an early favorite to make it to the Super Bowl.  But after winning their first two games, the Texans began what has become a franchise-worst 11 game losing streak, culminating in Thursday’s 27-20 loss to Jacksonville.

Who could replace Kubiak

Among potential coaches that fans want to replace Kubiak, Vanderbilt coach James Franklin, Patriots coordinator Josh McDaniels and Alabama Coack Nick Saban.