Texans say they are paying their bills online with confidence.  The electronic payments association called SWACHA reports 90 percent of Texans say they have never have a problem with electronic transactions like using their debit cards.  SWACHA President Dennis Simmons says, for those who resist paying their bills electronically, it’s usually an issue of control.

“They'll go to a bank or a biller's website to make a payment, when they want it made,” he explains, “as opposed to those who choose to have it taken directly from their checking account for insurance premiums and car payments and things like that.”

Simmons says his organization urges consumers to pick a strong password, change it often, make sure there are no viruses on their computers and sign up to receive alerts.

“Making them (passwords) not easy to guess.” He advises.  “The other thing we've talked about is making sure they have the anti-virus, the anti-malware software installed on their PCs and their mobile devices and make sure they're kept up to date.”