Every other person you meet has probably suffered a major, stressful event in the last year.  Polling suggests 50 percent of us have struggled with stress.  Health problems seem to stress us the most.  Problems at work bring stress, too.  Clinical psychologist Dr. Laurence Abrams says we contribute -- the media does -- with our news.

“Violence and abuse and whatever you can come up with, political issues, turmoil,” says Dr. Abrams.  “Anything that is traumatic -- which is usually stressful -- is highlighted by the media.”

Abrams says we've known stress can affect the rest of our lives for the last 50-to-60 years.  Poll-takers say one-in-every-four people they talked to said they had experienced major stress in the last month.

What can you do?

“Sleep,” he says.  “That sleep will reduce your stress levels just because you won't feel so stressed out when something does hit you.  You'll have more energy to deal with it.”