The U.S. Department of State's 11th annual report on terrorism is being disputed.  Terrorism expert Dr. Jeff Addicott says all of these reports under the Obama administration are politicized.  He says they would never run counter to the White House version of the situation, but that’s not a good idea.


“You can't have people putting their heads in the sand,” Addicott says, “as we've seen in Benghazi, as we've seen what's happening in Libya, in Iraq, in Afghanistan.”


He says the Country Reports on Terrorism try to put a “happy face” on the situation, suggesting al Qaeda has been de-centralized, has lost many of its leaders and most of the violence it is involved in is sectarian.


“In reality, of course, al Qaeda is not on the retreat, they're on the rise,” he explains.  “They're all over North Africa.  Their bases in Yemen are stronger than ever.  Then we have the jihadists in this country, which are infected by the virus of radical Islam.  They're on the increase as well.”


Addicott says the report wasn't leaked because it offered no new information.  He says the situation is worse worldwide, not better.  No country was singled out as the worst for terrorist activity.