By now you have heard that the Obama Administration is spending millions of dollars just to fly illegal immigrants around the country after their detention. This is leading many security and terrorism analysts to voice their concerns. 

The TSA has apparently been letting illegals fly without having proper identification. A 'Notice to appear' document gets them on the plane. Terrorism expert Kevin Mellott of Erase Enterprises says that's not good enough.

“It’s a piece of paper that’s easy to forge. There’s no encryption chip. There’s no electronic bar code. And if you overload the officers with a lot of people, they can’t possibly validate everybody,” Mellott said.

And that means some people who are lying about their identity might be getting through TSA security. So what's a better way to move these people around?

“They could put them on military transport planes. The military doesn’t fly commercial routes. You could put them on those planes and you wouldn’t be violating our security requirements,” Mellott stated.

But he also says that will never happen.

“There is a hesitancy to put children under military control because of the way it would look to their home countries,” Mellott explained.

The TSA has denied they've been letting people get on planes without proper ID.