“To the moon, Alice,” Ralph Kramden would threaten his wife on the Honeymooners TV series.  Today’s space pioneers want to send Alice to Mars, permanently, and you’ll be able to watch it on your widescreen stretched out in your recliner.  It’s a brave new world.

78,000 applicants have responded already to non-profit organization Mars-One’s call for future astronauts who will colonize Mars in less than 10 years.  Applications are being accepted on You Tube, because part of the plan to finance this venture into a totally new frontier is a reality TV show.  They need photogenic astronauts.  The first season will be the selection process among candidates – kinda “The Right Stuff” meets “Hunger Games.”

“I would love for it to happen,” Mike Hall, chief writer for Space.com told KTRH. “I’m one of those who say, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’  It’s a pretty ambitious timeline.  I’m skeptical, but I wish them all the luck in the world.”

And before you think these people are off their rocker, or recliner, consider that NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin, one of the few among us to have left footprints on the moon, came out with a new book this week titled, “Mission To Mars,” which lays out a plan for how to get human footprints on Mars within the next couple decades.

Mars-One Chief Medical Director Norbert Kraft tells KTRH he is pleased with the 78,000 person response they’ve received so far from would-be astronauts. Applicants are required to be at least 18 years of age, must speak English, submit to seven years of training, and be prepared psychologically and physically for a trip to Mars from which they will not return.  The organization hopes for half a million applicants.