As if parents of teenagers didn't have enough to worry about already, a new viral trend shows kids getting high by "smoking" alcohol vapor.                     

Without going into specifics, Stacie Allphin at Memorial Hermann's Prevention and Recovery Center says this poses a big danger for alcohol poisoning.

“If I go out and I get really drunk, the way that I know I've overdosed is when I start puking my guts out,” Allphin tells KTRH News.  “That's my body's way of saying okay you can't have all of this, its too toxic, its too poisonous.  When you smoke something, there's no way for your body to purge that.”

“Its pure alcohol, you're changing the way that you're taking it, which means it is not going to react in the body the way it would by drinking it, so you have no way of getting out of your system in a hurry,” she says.

Some online videos lure teens into thinking that "smoking" alcohol hides their use from parents and police, but Allphin says that's a lie.

“Sooner or later you're going to smell like alcohol, whether you're breathing it or sweating it, that doesn't matter, its going to be a foul stench,” she says.

Allphin encourages parents to stay on top of dangerous trends by simply searching around online and paying attention to their kids' conversations with friends.